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In May, the construction industry was showing signs of hope to improve due to strong residential building activity, but now, according to new figures accumulated by recruitment specialists Manpower, the UK construction sector finally appears to be digging itself out of the recession.

Although hiring prospects have not been positive since 2008, the outlook for 2013-14 is looking increasingly promising. Mark Cahill, managing director of Manpower said: ‘Glance up and you’ll see that there are more cranes on the London skyline than in the rest of the country put together. [...] You’ve also got Crossrail, Europe’s largest construction project with 42km of tunnel connecting the city from East to West’. Cahill added that his company were seeing rising demand for skills across the board, particularly in skilled trade and engineers.

Manpower believes that companies are now more confident about planning for the long-term, with a shift from part-time to permanent positions becoming available. The engineering group Babcock, for example, has asked Manpower to recruit around 1,000 highly skilled permanent staff next year. This is great news for construction workers who may have struggled to find one job after next as they can now settle in one long-term job.

Integrity Software’s Managing Director Justin Moule is pleased that the construction industry’s future is looking bright: ‘We might provide the software, but it is a team of dedicated hard workers that run successful construction companies and I am delighted that business is looking up for them all.’