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RBA Moody select Integrity Software

Integrity Software welcome new users RBA Moody Bros to Mardak

11th April 2011 published by

R B A Moody Bros (Contractors) Ltd are the latest business to choose Mardak construction management accounting software from Integrity Software to support their business.

Based in Yorkshire, R B A Moody are commercial and residential building contractors, unique by combining experience and family values with innovation and high quality as well as modern building methods.

Originally running a manual system outsourcing Payroll, R B A Moody began looking for a software solution which as well as covering basic accounting would also facilitate purchase enquiry and ordering, job costing integrated with Payroll and timesheets, CIS returns and also deal with retentions both held by clients and held by us on Subcontractors.

After a series of presentations, Integrity Software are pleased to announce that R B A Moody have selected Mardak as their preferred managment software solution and look forward to supporting their business.

For further information on how Mardak construction software can support your business, complete our online form or call +44 (0)1628 488900 to talk to one of our specialist consultants.

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