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Current Affairs Electrical Contractors Ltd upgrade to Evolution M

With almost three decades of experience in electrical systems installation, Current Affairs Electrical Contractors Ltd specialises in system designs, as well as electrical installations for high-end commercial offices, restaurants, residential properties and most other applications across the UK. Based out of their purpose built offices in Tunbridge Wells Steve Mankiewicz  - MD has created wonderful company, as always with his team you can expect a service that gives you expertise, reassurance, response and value for money.   

26th July 2017 published by

Having used the Evolution system for a number of years, they were already familiar with the advanced functionality available through Evolution M and needed no convincing of the abilities of the Integrity team having been supported by them for so long. Current Affairs were impressed by the Evolution M system demonstration given and felt the fully integrated structure, and the advanced reporting mechanisms available within the product best suited the business needs.

If you would like to realise the benefits of upgrading to Evolution M, call us today on 03543 403040  or +353 (01) 435 8531 or contact us here.

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