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Construction SME's tackle rising postage costs with software

Following the recent rise in postal charges, construction companies are concerned about the negative impact the increases will have on their businesses.

30th April 2012 published by

The increase will see first class stamps rise by 30% and second class by 39%, with the cost of sending larger packages rising by as much as 70%.

Sending physical mail still remains central to most businesses for communicating formally with customers, suppliers and employees. 

This substantial rise in costs, effective from 30th April 2012, has therefore unsurprisingly seen an increase in construction SME's analysing their current systems and processes, in an attempt to reduce the negative impact these additional costs will have on their business.

Business experts have been quick to warn companies not to react by cutting physical mail communications. From a marketing communication perspective direct mail generally remains an effective tool, however there are other areas of the business where reducing the use of physical mail can bring about significant savings.

Since the start of 2012, 90% of construction SME's have incorporated document management functionality into their selection of a new financial management system, according to stats seen by Integrity Software.

Justin Moule, Managing Director of Construction commented, "A large majority of construction companies we have been working with this year have included document management functionality in their requirements from a financial management system.

This allows businesses to not only centrally access and share documents produced by the system such as invoices, purchase orders and remittances, but also allows them to email such documents directly to their respective customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Thus combating the rise in costs associated with printing and postage".

Integrity Software's construction financial software includes a fully integrated document management system. To learn more about how construction accounting packages can benefit your business, contact the Integrity team.

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