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Andersons Developments upgrade to Evolution M

Andersons Developments, a small construction company based in St. Albans, had originally been relying on a DOS-based product, before they realised the benefits a more up-to-date system could offer. While the FBS product fulfilled their needs, their accounts manager Tina Foster was well aware that there were smarter, even more supportive programs available, so she chose to upgrade to Evolution M.

23rd September 2013 published by

Andersons Developments upgrade to Evolution MEvolution M provides Tina with an easy-to-navigate system that allows her to automatically verify new subcontractors at the click of a button and enables her director to access valuable information whenever and wherever he needs it. She is finding that the ability to mix accounting with job costing using one system saves her a large amount of time and that it is far easier to locate necessary figures and various information than before.

Prior to the change, Tina worried that data migration and learning to use a new program would be time consuming and difficult, however, she enjoyed and appreciated the thorough training that was provided by Integrity Software and feels she now knows the system inside-out. We’ve also ensured she has full telephone support and notes to call upon should she require additional support at any time, just as we do for all of our clients.

Andersons Developments’ upgrade to Evolution M was a sensible decision to make, as they can now rely on a software that uses up-to-date technology and offers an increased amount of support. If you are keen to upgrade to a construction-specific accounts system, or are intrigued how such a such could benefit you, why not get in touch with a member of the team, today, or read Anderson Development’s case study in full.

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