Strongbond Construction

Strongbond Construction's long-established relationship with Evolution M construction financial management software has helped Strongbond Construction grow to become the robust and competitive firm it is today.


Strongbond Construction well supported with Evolution M

Established in 1998, Strongbond Construction has long provided the residents of Hampshire with high-quality building, painting and decorating work, helping the firm to establish a respected reputation as one of the region’s most dependable and efficient contractors. Strongbond Construction was one of the first firms to use the Mardak construction accounting system back in 2003 - a solution that was eventually to become Integrity Software’s popular Evolution M.

The challenge

As Strongbond Construction has grown, so has Evolution M. Strongbond Construction was with Evolution M from the very start, before the fledgling Mardak system was acquired and rebranded by Integrity Software, so many would have expected the company to encounter teething problems along the way. Where Directors Bob Adams and Peter Watkins could have opted for a generic Sage financial management system, however, they were already aware of the benefits that a construction-specific solution could provide and instead decided to support the new Mardak system and people right from the get-go. The pair was to see their brave decision vindicated repeatedly over the coming years, while other firms struggled with the restrictions that generic accounting systems necessarily impose on companies working in the construction sector.

A decade of progress

Now Bob, Peter and Strongbond Construction have been with Evolution M for an entire decade, so the relationship has clearly been a productive one. ‘It just works’ says Bob of the construction financial management software, and thoughts of opting for another solution have never crossed his mind. ‘It gives us everything we’re looking for’ added Bob of Evolution M, with accounts and job costing tasks handled effortlessly by the software system he and Peter had the foresight to commit to all those years ago. Bob and Peter find that the clarity and flexibility of Evolution M’s accounts and contracts data helps their business to be as expedient and cost-effective as possible, with historical data on hand at all times should the need arise to revisit previous jobs.

Why Integrity Software?

Strongbond Construction has established a productive partnership with Integrity Software and Evolution M - a partnership that has proven unshakeable thanks to Integrity’s high-quality, construction-specific solutions and great customer service. Bob and Peter have described Evolution M as being very user friendly, the software providing them with a workable solution that has yet to let them down after a decade of service.

Strongbond Construction has rarely needed to call upon the Integrity support team, but when they have, they’ve found the service to be invariably helpful. When the introduction of RTI caused customers of other software vendors problems, Bob Adams and Strongbond Construction experienced a smooth implementation that he attributes to an Integrity RTI workshop he attended in Reading. Bob and Peter described Evolution M as ‘very easy to use’ and said that the company was ‘very happy’ with the software, so it seems as though the decade of successful collaboration between Integrity Software and Strongbond Construction will stretch into the foreseeable future.