Blakedown Landscapes Operations

Following a review of business systems, Blakedown Landscapes Operations successfully upgraded to Evolution M from Integrity Software after using Evolution for over 10 years.


Construction Accounting & Business Management SoftwareFollowing a review of business systems, Blakedown Landscapes Operations successfully upgraded to Evolution M (previously Mardak) from Integrity Software after using its Evolution package for over 10 years.

“After exploring our use of Evolution, we decided to look at the new Evolution M to see if the system could provide us with the level of flexibility and functionality we required to move forward as a business” explains Mark Nutting, Financial Manager at Blakedown Landscapes.

The challenge

  • Lack of audit trail visibility
  • Requirement for flexible financial reporting
  • To reduce reliability on product support team

The solution

Integration with MS office

“We were instantly impressed with Evolution M’s integration with Microsoft Office. Being able to right click on any data and export directly into Excel is an invaluable tool, with no additional formatting required.

In general we have found the workflow and structure of Evolution M to be the best we have seen, for example each module has many functions which help to save time moving around the system.

From the first demonstration in our offices in Hartlebury, we could see where benefits could be gained by switching to Evolution M.”

Flexible Reporting

“Due to the complex nature of our business, we had a number of bespoke reports in Evolution which we could not easily adapt.

In Evolution M we are now able to easily extract the data we require and format as we need to via the built-in report writer.”

Visibility of Audit Trail

“Another area we felt Evolution M could bring additional benefit to our business was the superior audit trail the system provides us. Gaining visibility of the audit trail is a key piece of functionality for me as an accountant.”

Reduced Support Required

Integrity Software worked closely with Blakedown Landscapes Operations to put in place an implementation plan and to ensure business processes could be replicated in the Evolution M system.

“It is always a learning curve when implementing a new system to operate the core of your business, however I was pleased with the way the Integrity Software team were realistic with our project in terms of cost and our requirements, causing as little disruption to our business as possible.

Now training is complete and we are live on the system I can confidently say that we rely on support far less, which is testament to the Evolution M product and the implementation team.”

Why recommend Evolution M to other businesses?

“Overall we are pleased with the benefits we have gained since upgrading to Evolution M and are glad to still be working with the same personnel from Integrity Software.

I feel Evolution M is an extremely user friendly system and would encourage businesses to look at the system in more detail to understand how it can bring benefit to their business.

The flexibility, advanced functionality, ease of reporting and general user friendliness of Evolution M creates a very strong solution for any construction related business.”