Redhouse Fencing

After looking into employing the help of both Redsky and Sage solutions, Redhouse Fencing opted for Integrity Software’s Evolution M to improve the efficiency of their business.

Redhouse Fecning choose Evolution M accounting softwareDuplicated spreadsheets; inaccessible information

Redhouse Fencing Ltd are leading fencing and decking supplier and contractors situated in West Lothian, Scotland, who, before purchasing Evolution M software, relied on simple spreadsheets to manage the business. Their construction accounts system consisted of a vast number of spreadsheets from which it was near-on impossible to gain the necessary job costing information they needed. Many of their clients had numerous contracts, meaning spreadsheets were duplicated and precious time was wasted whenever reports or summaries were needed. They were in need of a construction accounts system to improve their efficiency.

Challenges overcome with Evolution M

With Evolution M, Redhouse Fencing will be able to improve their efficiency, ultimately allowing them to move away from endless duplication and management of disparate spreadsheets, meaning accounts personnel can now focus on more productive tasks. Evolution M offers a fully integrated construction-specific job costing system that has eliminated Redhouse Fencing’s requirement for external spreadsheets. If data is required in Excel for analysis, it can easily be exported from any grid view, due to the integration with Microsoft Office.

The directors of Redhouse were also keen to view management summaries rather than having to navigate the full accounts system every time they were in need of specific information. Evolution M offers a management dashboard, available outside of the system, which presents information on suppliers, contracts and selected nominal balances.

When Redhouse were using just spreadsheets, they were unable to manage and track the costs from an individual job or overall client perspective for those clients who had multiple contracts in progress at one time. Evolution M has the ability to assist with job costing, analysing and reporting, by keeping the contracts separated, yet all in the same place.

Moving forward

Now that Redhouse Fencing has incorporated the help of construction accounting software, they will be able to better manage their accounts and can now focus on growing their business even further. We look forward to being able to offer them more from their software as they grow with Evolution M, and helping them to establish solutions that work to improve their business processes.

To find out more about Redhouse Fencing, head over to their Facebook page. To talk to a member of our team about upgrading to a construction specific accounts system, view our contact details.