Financial accounting management

Financial accounting management

Our Evolution Enteprise solution provides the same financial control of your business as our Corporate solution.

The system provides full financial accounting fully integrated with contract management functionality in one solution which can be used throughout the business.

In large construction organisations, complex, custom workflows often dictate the setup and use of our systems. Our Evolution Enterprise solution is highly configurable and flexible to meet your requirements. 

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Management of business operationsManagement of business operations

Evolution Enterprise consolidates the management of operational elements of your business.

These include the authorisation of CVR's produced by your quantity surveyors, management of Plant items and organisation of engineers providing facilities maintenance services.

For a full description of the operational control provided, please see our Evolution Corporate solution.

Additional functionality and integration is available for Evolution Enterprise clients.

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Advanced reporting and business analysis tools

Advanced reporting and business analysis tools

It is often the case that the range of reporting and dashboards required by a range of users in a large construction organisation grows over time and therefore a more advanced reporting tool is required.

Our Evolution Enterprise solution provides an extremely powerful yet easy to use platform which allows the organisation to be self-sufficient in monitoring and extracting the required information. 

An advanced reporting tool also allows organisations to extend reporting to other systems used within the business. Comparing like for like information across multiple platforms can be a huge challenge.

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Significant user volumesSignificant user volumes

Our Evolution Enterprise solution manages and consolidates information throughout an organisation.

As a result a number of different business functions and personnel will be required to use the system at differing times and usage levels.

Our systems are designed to handle significant user volumes to ensure system performance is maintained and data processing speed remains constant.

Our solution is capable of handling over 250 users accessing the system at any one time.

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Compatible across multiple locationsCompatible across multiple locations

Evolution Enterprise is designed to provide a financial managegment system across multiple site locations.

This allows management teams to consolidate business information and report on financial and operational information across a range of sites and divisions.

Your multiple site and division requirements are discussed as part of our consultation process when understanding your businesses challenges.

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Integration with other business systemsIntegration with other business systems

It is not uncommon for large construction organisations to be running a number of disparate systems within the business.

Often the challenge for the business is to consolidate as much information as possible by sharing data across systems.

The technology behind our Evolution Enterprise solution allows for sharing of data between systems which can then be reported on in most instances using our advanced reporting modules.

All business systems are analysed as part of our consultation process.

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Coping with complex workflowsCoping with complex workflows

Workflows develop and become established over a period of time, particuarly as a business passes through extensive growth periods.

This often leads to the development of workflows which cannot be managed in standard, unconfigurable financial systems.

Evolution Enterprise is not only construction specific and therefore familiar with adapting to specific workflows within large organisations, but is also highly configurable and flexible and so can be customised to match your exact processes, however distinct and complex.

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